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On January 6, 1970, the company R. Barth KG was founded in Hamburg. In the 1970s and 1980s, we were successful as a project planner and supplier of the largest and most successful music studios in Germany and Europe - including the well-known band Kraftwerk.  In this , the first task area, we have made us as an innovative and flexible service a name. The quality and performance of the systems and devices of R. Barth KG were then the standard in music production technology.

1985 , with the start of commercial radio broadcasting , the invitation was addressed to us to conceptualize professional radio studios that could compete with the technically advanced and sophisticated investment technique of ARD. (Government owned Broadcast stations)

Our first major private radio station means Radio Schleswig-Holstein took on 1 July 1986 its program and thus is considered the first nationwide private radio station with a 24-hour full program.

Since we are using innovative , digital recording and editing systems had already worked in the recording studio technology , we realized very early on that the radio would arise from the switch to digital audio technology , a revolutionary change .

In 1991 finally the R. Barth KG has equipped the first radio studio in Hamburg with a digital play out system. In parallel, the DMAX ( digital mixer ) was developed and successfully brought to market in this decade.

In 1995, the DIGISPOT ® radio system was already established in many radio companies of the new generation and also was used in some radio studios of ARD and the BBC.

In 2001, finally, the first software solution of type DIGISPOT®II was installed by us that can serve the entire responsibility of a modern radio station.

In the following years, the R. Barth KG was commissioned to re-equip the Alster Radio Station,  Radio Hamburg and OK Radio in Hamburg with the DIGISPOT ® II software system.

Innovative concepts, powerful plant technology and customization at the highest operational reliability are the recipe for success of R. Barth KG.

Our many years of experience, creativity in planning and implementation as well as flexibility and openness to technical progress make us your partner for a successful, functioning radio studio.

After the too early death of the founder Rüdiger Barth end of the year 2012, the company R. Barth KG was renamed in R. Barth GmbH & Co.KG  and his son, Marko Barth has since been pursuing successfully continues the long history.....

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The five service areas of R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG for their studio include:


Plant engineering for soundproduction and processing in the radio and television // more »


Digital broadcasting systems of the transmission planning, program production and broadcast operations up to the broadcast automation // more »


Structure and system planning for radio stations, including space planning, building and room acoustics // more »


In-depth, expert advice, based on more than four decades, the evaluation of requirement profiles from the media area // more »

R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG

Innovative/en products and software solutions with individual vote, who are also reliable and safe to run // more »