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Conceptional Planning followed by System Design and Supply

Conceptional Planning followed by System Design and Supply

The equipment and system technology being used in an Audio, or TV and Movie Production Studio, is based on sophisticated highly developed technology nowadays, which is designed to fulfill the versatile requirements for the media Industries.

Based on many years of well experienced system engineering and innovative developments for state of the art technologies in products and complete production and ON –AIR Studios  for the media industry, we secure for our customers the most optimal solutions.

Orientating the planning precisely on the customer's requirements, is the first step we offer to provide thoroughly.

Consulting for the optimal solutions for the environmental structure and task related selection for the most adequate equipment and software systems, to obtain the most economical result for the related investment, is the next step.

For Broadcast System supply we are offering beside the many successfully completed projects we can refer to, a complete production and ON-AIR Studio in our premises to analyze and experience the suggested systems supply.

In this facility we also offer to run user training sessions to get the users accommodated to the new equipment or software system prior to the commissioning.

The five service areas of R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG for their studio include:


Plant engineering for soundproduction and processing in the radio and television // more »


Digital broadcasting systems of the transmission planning, program production and broadcast operations up to the broadcast automation // more »


Structure and system planning for radio stations, including space planning, building and room acoustics // more »


In-depth, expert advice, based on more than four decades, the evaluation of requirement profiles from the media area // more »

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Innovative/en products and software solutions with individual vote, who are also reliable and safe to run // more »