DIGISPOT®II Radio Broadcast Operating System

DIGISPOT®II Radio Broadcast Operating System a modular, versatile Solution

Modular System Building Blocks

Introduction to the DIGISPOT®II Radio Broadcast Operating System

About two decades ago when digitised audio and the technology of large storage capacity on Hard Disk Drives appeared as a reality, it became obvious that the marriage between networked computer technology and centralized storage of large amount of audio files, would be a tremendous opportunity to improve the workflow for program production and ON-AIR delivery.

DIGISPOT®II  has been one of the early developments, which introduced this opportunity to the radio broadcast industry.

Within a minimum of time it changed the workflow of small and large radio stations totally and consequently, it became the bases for a revolution to the about 70 years of experienced management and workflow in large and small radio broadcast stations.

DIGISPOT®II, however did refer to this many years of experiences in the field of international broadcasting and combined the new technology by careful conceptual system engineering to a complete and functional system, it is now a modular radio broadcast operating system, combining both, software and adequate hardware components, that allows to carry out all stages of radio program production and the ON-AIR broadcasting process in an efficient easy going workflow.

The software structure permits you to use a great variety of modules to easily adapt to specific stations requirements, allowing you to create and configure a system installation that helps to optimise the workflow for each radio station with individual task related functions.

This booklet, the so called White Paper, is offering an overview to the DIGISPOT®II Radio Broadcast Operating System, its versatile functionality and the possibility to use it like building blocks for any kind of Radio Station, from a small city station or a university radio to business orientated commercial radio stations without or with regional program content as commercials and local news and station ID’s, up to radio houses with multiple Programs ON-AIR and large News departments.



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