eela audio: The digital Broadcast Mixer D3

eela D3 Mixer

The new Eela Audio digital mixing console as table top, or in a 19 “ rack mount frame version. All what’s needed for the small budget ON-AIR studio or broadcast production facility.

For this it does provide the following comprehensive functionality.

24 inputs:

  • 16 stereo line inputs.
  • 6 balanced microphone Inputs with 48 V phantom power.
  • 2 AES / EBU Inputs on XLR with sample rate converter.

Input of Channel 1-6 can select between it's Microphone input or the related line input A or B.

Input of Channel 7-8 can select between the digital AES/EBU input 1 and 2 or the line input 7 and 8 for A or B .

2 main stereo outputs balanced analogue and AES/EBU digital on XLR, dual tasking allowing for recording while on-air.

4 stereo analogue outputs on jack, these can be configured as a standard AUX, for hybrid cleanfeed or studio foldback with talkback.

1 control room monitor output with volume control, mute and dim function.

1 headphones output with volume control and jack connector on the front and on the rear panel.

Monitor and Meters:

2 meters with PPM characteristics and individual source selector.

Control room monitor with volume control, source selector, mute and dim function.

Headphones output with volume control, independent source select and jack connector on the rear and front panel.

Connector Panel of eela-audio digital Audio Mixer D3

eela D3 Mixer Connector Panel

What makes the unit really powerful are the typical logistic functions for the broadcast studio: Red light signaling for Studio and Control Room, Remote recall of stored settings also by means of a simple external switch, and for each channel: Faderstart, tally or pulse; “Start” on/off button; PFL. active output; enable codec / hybrid output (hybrid 'on'); Channel remote mute input; ring detect input to indicate incoming calls from hybrids; Fader overrule (unity gain e.g. for automatic commercial broadcast); Remote PFL. 'on');

In order to integrate the mixing desk with broadcast automation software, all these functions are available on an USB Interface connector.

Also available is a 25 pin D-type connector with 8 general purpose opto isolated outputs and 8 inputs.

You can program a choice or a combination of the above functions to these inputs and outputs.

System settings:

All settings can be stored into and recalled from a non volatile memory, also available is a mode where you can remote recall previously stored settings by means of a simple contact closure. Start-up mode of operation can be defined in the Mixer logistics.

Power Supply:

wide range mains adaptor 110 / 240V 50/60 Hz Euro, UK, US/Japan


  • Width: 440 mm for table top Version or 19” / 483 mm rack mount Version
  • Depth: 269 mm
  • Height: 115 mm (max.)
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg

eela Audio D3 Mixer

More details: Manual D3 Click the link and you will get more and detailed informations about it. We look forward to make an offer to you.

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