eela audio: USB Audio Interface for eela Mixer

USB 1.1 Audio Interface for SRM, S120 and S130 mixing desks

USB 1.1 Audio Interface for SRM, S120 and S130 mixing desks

From now on the above mentioned Eela Audio mixing desks can be equipped with USB digital stereo audio input modules.

It consists of a standard stereo input module with an USB connection panel in the rear. These modules do have a USB port audio Interface for playback and record and are plug and play for standard, modern MS Windows® computers.

There is also a D9 connector for fader start and the analogue stereo output connected to the record output of the mixing desk.

The new modules available are:

  • Eela S72U/E stereo input module with e.q., list price € 465,00
  • Eela S122U/E stereo input module with e.q., list price € 525,00
  • Eela S132U/E stereo input module with e.q., list price € 630,00

And as Retrofit PCB / connector board for S72, S122 or S132 input module, list price € 196,00

Please note that the S72 connector board can only be placed in single module backplanes of a SRM mixing desk.

The use of these modules will avoid the installation of a professional audio cart in the computer and will reduce the amount of cabling needed. Any standard modern MS Windows® PC can be connected to the mixing desk in minutes, just to interconnect with an USB cable.

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