PJO 700 The Little Mixer for the mobile SNG and ENG Workstation

Four Fader Audio Mixing Console with USB Interface for mobile SNG and ENG

PJO 700

The latest of the range USB desks for Video recording and editing workstations. PJO 700 features functions which made the success of the PJO550 and PJO 600. PJO 700 contains furthermore four faders with an integrated phone hybrid.

This equipment is a mini console with monitor, to record and read a file sound, using a PC by using the USB port. The innovative aspect of the product is especially highly-rated ergonomic sound just with the only necessary functions.

All Functionality you need,

RAMI PJO 700 - Functions
  1. A microphone input sensitivity ranges from -60 dBu to -34 dBu.
  2. Key with light indicator, sends A microphone to the embedded USB sound card.
  3. A microphone peak indicator (use 1 to adjust just before light on).
  4. A microphone treble setting pot.
  5. A microphone bass setting pot.
  6. A microphone linear 60 mm fader. Setting uses a VCA.
  7. A microphone low cut filter insertion
  8. B microphone or A line selection for this channel.
    1. B microphone input on connector L
    2. A line input on connector G
  9. Illuminated switch to send B microphone / A line to USB embedded sound card.
  10. Microphone peak indicator (adjust using M just before light on).
  11. B microphone / A line linear 60mm fader. Setting uses a VCA.
  12. Led indicator of line B or C microphone selection. Selection uses J .
  13. USB line B or microphone C return selection for this channel. Return is the USB sound card output. Selection is made using J .
  14. Illuminated key sends USB input/ Line B/ microphone C to the embedded USB sound card.
  15. C microphone input peak indicator (adjust peak level using K just before light on).
  16. USB input / line B / microphone C linear fader (uses VCA).
  17. Illuminated switch to send hybrid return to the embedded USB sound card.
  18. Embedded hybrid hook illuminated key.
    1. lights red when hook.
    2. switched off when the line is send to the external handset.
    3. lights green on incoming call
  19. Hybrid input 60mm linear fader (uses VCA).
  20. Embedded hybrid feedback setting (see feedback setting chapter)
  21. Embedded order microphone (behind front panel).
  22. Monitoring output mono stereo switch.
  23. Peak meter display from -35 dB to +6 dB.
  24. Monitor output level pot. This output is totally attenuated (according to the jumpers setting) when:
    1. Order is sent to headphones 1 an d2 (key 28 and 29 )
    2. Microphone A in use (by 2 or 6 ).
  25. Headphone B level setting.
  26. Headphone A level setting.
  27. Peak meter connection to the output bus (after Record switches) or to the monitoring bus. Connecting to the monitoring bus, allows pot level calibration , before feeding the sound card.
  28. Momentary key to send order to A headphone.
  29. Momentary key to send order to B headphone.

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