Rami "Little Mixer" Rami PJO-600

Rami "Little Mixer"

Work station mixer with USB audio port

This device is a mixing console including monitoring, it is able to record and play sounds from a personal computer using USB port. The ergonomics make the PJO600 an innovative piece of equipment, thanks to the only necessary but essential functions. The reporter using the PJO600 a microphone headset and a mobile PC is able to mix his sounds and to send it to the studio, using the Web. Thinking of remote work, the PJO600 is useful to produce programs without use the recording studio.

  • One balanced microphone input with very low noise preamplifier, input level adjust, loud and treble control, low cut filter, VCA for level control
  • One audio input trough including digital sound device with loud and treble control, and VCA for level control
  • One auxiliary balanced input with volume control, to feed an external source (digital recorder, mini disk; codec …)
  • All tree inputs are sent to the digital sound device using the REC switch, lit on.
  • Headphone monitoring, different record output, allowing to listen a sound while it records the voice.
  • Direct access to the auxiliary monitoring.
  • Possibility to insert a voice processor on left right output and microphone chain using symmetrical connection.
  • Output limiter to avoid any overload of the digital sound device.
  • Possibility of external hybrid.
  • PJO600, thanks to the USB audio 1.0 port does not require any driver on the computer.
  • This equipment from RAMI takes profit of partnership with the DIGIGRAM company for using of their sound device UAX220
  • A second headphone amplifier for the Journalist.
  • TALBACK to the journalist by fitted microphone.
  • Monitor output to connect an external powered loud speaker.
  • PJO600 is fitted with two interesting functions auto-dubbing and Edit monitoring.


IN MIC :               -60 dBu to -25 dBu
Max level :           -16 dBu
AUX :                     0 dBu
Max level :            +20 dBu
OUT                      +6 dBu
Noise to the input:  -128 dBA
Dist                        <0,01%
B.P. 7 Hz to 23,9 KHz / -1dB
12Volts by external power supply.
Dimension:            194x169x68mm
Weight:                  3Kg

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