eela Audio: EA916 Journalist Workstation Interface Unit

All you need for a Broadcast Journalist Workstation

eela Audio

SB audio module, microphone and line input, Line out and headphones amplifier. Integrated telephone hybrid in one U 19" rack unit.

The ideal tool for a reporter to record and edit a telephone interview in the radio broadcast environment. Also some call centers that playback or record audio can benefit of this unit.

Connections Backside

eela Audio

Easy to install just connect the telephone, headphone microphone and a simple USB cable to any windows PC. Windows will automatically recognize the unit. No separate drivers to install.

The EA916 Journalist unit is a “stand-alone” USB audio interface with built-in telephone hybrid and monitoring for a journalist to record a telephone conversation in a fast and easy way.  A standard Windows or Apple Mac computer will recognize the unit and install a driver automatically. Balanced analog line inputs and outputs on XLR and SPDIF I/O on RCA cinch together with a monitor loudspeaker connection makes it a very flexible unit.
The built-in telephone hybrid can connect to POTS analog telephone system or the unit can be used with a mobile (GSM) telephone. The mobile telephone connector on the front panel is compatible with the cables already available for the S25 Reportophone.
The unit has a balanced 48 Volt phantom powered microphone input connector with gain control on the front. The headphone jack connector and volume control are also available on the front.

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More technical information including block diagram and manual can be found here.

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