R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG, now more than 45 years experience on the professional audiomarket!! Welcome to our World of Media Technology

Design, Construction and System Installation of analogue and digital Audio Technology

R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG

For more than 4 decades we have conceived and evaluated the profile of our customer requirements and workflow experiences.

This knowledge has become the basis for our innovative products and state of the art project planning and installations.

We are ready for your special requirements and will be pleased to find an adequate and optimal solution for your task on economical basis.

On the following pages you will get an overview about the products and the System technology we have available in our product line and software systems.

The operation of equipment in the sound and image production today is based on advanced software technologies.

These technologies must optimally meet the different requirements of media technology. Where a craftsman can determine, due to training himself how and where he modernized, need a studio musician, music or radio producer usually expert advice, when it comes to technical details and software solutions.

Here the R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG comes into play: We agree with the existing spatial and acoustic structures in your studio individually to your requirements from a technical point.

The five service areas of R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG for their studio include:


Plant engineering for soundproduction and processing in the radio and television // more »


Digital broadcasting systems of the transmission planning, program production and broadcast operations up to the broadcast automation // more »


Structure and system planning for radio stations, including space planning, building and room acoustics // more »


In-depth, expert advice, based on more than four decades, the evaluation of requirement profiles from the media area // more »

R. Barth GmbH & Co. KG

Innovative/en products and software solutions with individual vote, who are also reliable and safe to run // more »